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A case of juvenile temporal arteritis associated with angiolymphoid hyperplasia and eosinophilia

T. Sivagnanam, J. Choi, K. Jafari-Nejad,C. Balachandran

Meeting: 2016 Dermcoll

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Juvenile temporal arteritis is a rare condition that is seen inindividuals in the first four decades of life. It is characterisedby painless swelling, eosinophilia and non-necrotising non-granulomatous inflammation with predominantly lym-phoeosinophilic infiltration of the temporal artery. It hasbeen described in isolation and in association with condi-tions such as Kimura’s disease and Angiolymphoid Hyper-plasia with Eosinophilia. We describe a case of a 35-year-old lady who presented with a 4 month history of intermit-tent left periorbital swelling, associated with a non-tender,pulsatile lump over the left temple, with firm overlying tis-sue. She had no other systemic symptoms or signs. Histolog-ical examination revealed mild eosinophilic infiltration inthe media associated with sparse multinucleated giant cellsand focal disruption of internal elastic lamina. Adventitiaand perivascular soft tissue showed a diffuse and intenseeosinophilic-rich lymphocytic infiltration associated withproliferation of small vessels. These features are suggestiveof juvenile temporal arteritis with associated angiolymphoidhyperplasia with eosinophilia. She has been followed upover the last two and half years with no symptoms of recur-rence. As far as the authors are aware this is the longestpublished follow up documented for cases of juvenile tem-poral arteritis.