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A case report of unilateral multiple congenital glomangiomas

S.W. Lim , C.L. Goh

Meeting: 2012 Dermcoll

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Introduction: Glomangiomas are relatively rare benign
cutaneous vascular tumours arising from glomus bodies,
which are specialised cells for thermoregulation. They
account for 10% of all glomus tumours . They are often found in the upper extremities, but other reported sites include lower extremities, head, face and trunk . Congeni- tal forms are very rare. We report an unusual case of a 6 year old girl with unilateral multiple congenital glomangiomas. A literature review has revealed only one other reported case of similar presentation.
Methods and results: The patient demonstrated congenital lesions that were bluish-purple, confl uent, plaque-like with a unilateral distribution. They involved the right fore- head, scalp, upper chest, arm, back, abdomen and heel. The size of the lesions ranged from 1.5 to 4 cm in diameter. All lesions had been gradually enlarging in size since birth, with no other systemic signs and symptoms. She is the only child in the family and there was no family history of similar lesions. Histological examination of one of the lesions showed features of glomangioma. Her glomangiomas have been managed conservatively at this stage.
Conclusion: The clinical appearance of glomangiomas often causes them to be mistaken for lymphangiomas or hemangiomas. Our case demonstrates an interesting and unusual presentation of congenital glomangiomas in childhood. This highlights the need to consider glomangiomas as a differential diagnosis in assessing a patient with vascular malformations.