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A new approach to the treatment algorithm for hidradenitis suppurativa

K. J. Wark1 ,2,3,4, J. Woods 1,2,G. Cains 1,2,4

Meeting: 2021 Dermcoll

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Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a chronic autoinflamma- tory skin condition characterised by recurrent abscesses and nodules in intertriginous areas. At present, the current treatment algorithm for HS is centred around topical and systemic antibiotics for mild to moderate disease. Adali- mumab is only available to those individuals with moder- ate to severe disease.

In our dedicated HS clinic, over 80% of patients present either stage II or III disease and with significant co-mor- bidities, therefore, the current treatment algorithm is inad- equate. We propose that the treatment algorithm be modified to recommend the earlier introduction of biologic therapy.

In this review, we explore current treatment paradigm and how our evolving understanding of disease pathogenesis is shaping new approaches to treatment.