Abstract Number: 125

An unusual case of lichen planus occurring in sites of cupping therapy

K. Deen, G. Butler

Meeting: 2016 Dermcoll

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Lichen planus (LP) is a relatively common chronic inflam- matory disorder of the skin and mucous membranes, occurring most commonly in middle-aged adults. The aeti- ology and pathogenesis of LP are not fully understood, but the disease has been associated with multiple environmen- tal exposures, such as medications, viral infections, vacci- nations, intramuscular injections and even acupuncture. We report a case of a 44 year-old male who developed a cutaneous eruption on the trunk 3 months after being trea- ted with cupping. Clinical and histopathological examina- tions were consistent with Lichen Planus occurring at the sites of previous cupping therapy. We suggest that those performing or undergoing cupping therapy to be conscious of the potential to trigger this immune-mediated condition.