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Australian UVA sunscreen regulations and labelling: are we doing enough to protect our patients? A review of the current landscape and global practices to help minimise risk

C. J. Singer1, N. -A. O’Sullivan2, R. Foster3

Meeting: 2021 Dermcoll

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We present a review of the current regulations and labelling pertaining to UV, especially UVA protection offered by sun- screens in Australia and compare it to practices globally. Questions addressed include how is UV protection measured? What is the definition of broad-spectrum coverage? And how can we aide clarification for consumers in a crowded and confusing market. The aim is to improve public understand- ing of the effects of UVA and UVB on the skin and improve informed decision-making pertaining to sunscreens.

Another important misconception is the distinction between cosmetic and therapeutic sunscreens and the implications this may have from a public health perspec- tive. As dermatologists it is critical to help educate our patients and dispel myths with regard to photoprotection both in our rooms, in public hospitals and on a population level. A proposal for change is put forward in an effort to minimise risk to the Australian population at a time of mass marketing, suboptimal regulation and an ever- increasing burden of cutaneous malignancy and concern with regard to dermatoheliosis.