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Blue naevus-like melanoma – A rare subtype of melanoma: A case series and review of the literature

N. Adler, Y. Pan, S. Hannam, C. McLean, J. Kelly

Meeting: 2016 Dermcoll

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Blue naevus-like melanoma (BNLM) represents melanoma that arises in association with a blue naevus or closely resembles the histopathological appearance of a blue nae- vus1. To date, there is limited literature on the biological behaviour and prognosis of patients with BNLM.

Our case series describes the experience of four patients with BNLM seen at the Victorian Melanoma Service (VMS), a tertiary multidisciplinary melanoma service at the Alfred Hospital, Victoria. All four patients presented with a primary cutaneous melanoma of the head or neck and all patients displayed aggressive disease progression and poorer overall outcomes compared to patients with other subtypes of melanoma.

Our case series adds to the existing limited body of knowl- edge surrounding the clinical course, biological behaviour and prognostic outcomes of patients with BNLM, highlight- ing in particular, the aggressive behaviour of BNLM