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Challenges in psoriasis therapy

Chair: A. Cooper , Presenters: P.A. Foley , C.S. Baker , D.K. Cook , P. Bird

Meeting: 2013 Dermcoll

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Session Title: Challenges in Psoriasis Therapy

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Progress in the understanding of pathogenic mechanisms in psoriasis and appreciation of the multisystem nature of this disease, has resulted in new treatment paradigms and expansion of systemic treatment options. The range of traditional systemic agents and arrival of biologic therapies have brought with them new challenges in psoriasis management. This session will explore some of these challenges in an interactive forum. A case commentary format will be used to pose a number of clinical decision points to the audience around systemic therapy of psoriasis. These illustrative cases will address clinically relevant issues including infection, immunisation, pregnancy, comorbidities, arthritis, and transitioning between therapies. Currently accepted practices will be presented and where available the evidence supporting these decisions will be discussed. The forum will allow immediate feedback of audience opinion and promises lively discussion.
Cases include:
• Ms AB, a 27-year-old woman with a 15-year history of psoriasis, a positive family history of psoriasis, and planning pregnancy in the next 12 months. Previous treatments, current therapy, and an approach to the forthcoming confi nement will be discussed.
• Ms CD, a 107 kg 46-year-old retail worker, with a 30-year history of psoriasis, depression and 5 years of psoriasis, presents with a PASI of 16.2, DLQI of 13 and 23% BSA involved. Her initial management and transitions through various therapies will be presented.