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Combined dermatology/vascular wound clinic – A multidisciplinary approach to ulcer management

L. Abdel-Malek1, N. Morley2, P. Peters3,4

Meeting: 2018 Dermcoll

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The field of dermatology is one that naturally lends itself to multidisciplinary services within a public hospital environment, however in most hospitals dermatology is normally one of the smaller teams, the formation of multidisciplinary clinics may not possible. The management of lower limb ulcers is condition that also naturally lends itself to multidisciplinary management and to this end at Gold Coast University Hospital has led to the formation of a combined dermatology/vascular nurse practitioner clinic to enable timely and appropriate treatment of the varying causes of lower limb ulcers. This includes venous and arterial ulcers, pyoderma gangrenosum, trauma and post-surgical wounds. The combination of the varying skill sets has allowed for appropriate diagnosis, investigation and treatment of lesions with supportive and highly specialised wound care to assist in treatment. By having a Nurse Practitioner driving the combined clinic, medications and treatment are able to be planned and executed with dermatological opinions able to be provided either in person or via a telederm service and as such patient are able to be treated immediately without delay.