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Evidence-based medicine – basic principles

S. Zagarella, K. Chen

Meeting: 2015 Dermcoll

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Session Title: Registrars’ Training Session

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EBM is being added to the new curriculum, and will be examinable in future.It is a most important topic, as it deals with critical appraisal of published papers, a skill that is not intuitive, but must be learned and studied.This lecture will be added to a bank of resources for registrar study on this topic, in addition to Skin Schools on the topic, and a new module to be added to the College website.This lecture will introduce some important concepts includ-
ing the hierarchy of evidence, sensitivity, specificity, OR, RR, Likelihood ratios, PPV, NPV etc. P values and confidence intervals are concepts that many people talk about every day, but perhaps do not understand as deeply as they think.Different types of studies will be discussed and the biases inherent in them.