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Exploring the impact of acne on young adults in Australia

R. M. Russell, P. Burns

Meeting: 2021 Dermcoll

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Session Title: All About Acne

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Acne vulgaris, is a highly prevalent skin condition which effects 90% of Australian adolescents1. Acne can be consid- ered a self-limiting disease that can have a severe impact on young people’s self-esteem, mood and overall mental wellbeing2.

Aim: This project aimed to assess the impact of acne on Australian young adults across four key domains: 1) The psychological impact of acne 2) The impact of acne of body image and self-esteem 3) The impact of acne on interper- sonal relationships 4) The impact of acne of social media use.

Methods: An online survey was made available via Qual- trics for a 12 week period through social media. Respon- dents were required to have acne and be between the age of 18–26 years and live within Australia.

Results: One hundred and seventy-one respondents com- pleted the survey. Their acne was graded to be mild (43%), moderate (34%), fluctuating (4%) or severe (19%). As there was an increase in acne severity there was a decline in reported psychological health with both depres- sion, anxiety and self-esteem. It was also shown that respondents with increasing acne severity reported, greater detrimental impacts on relationships. Social media activity and engagement was also markedly affected by an increase in acne severity.

Conclusion and implications: Acne severity impacts mul- tiple aspects of a person’s life. It is evident that during con- sultation with patients with acne, impact on quality of life needs to be addressed and discussed. Therefore, this pro- ject aimed to assess the impact of acne on Australian young adults.


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