Abstract Number: 101

Fading away benign congenital melanocytic naevi withfractionated CO2 Laser

A. Freeman , M. Freeman

Meeting: 2012 Dermcoll

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Congenital melanocytic naevi have been treated with a number of ablative laser and combination ablative and nonablative systems. These systems include erbium and CO2 ablation with Q switched Neodymium Yag treatments. With the introduction of fractional ablative lasers another approach is now possible. We demonstrate almost complete normalization of colour with multiple sessions of CO2 fractional laser. An average of 10 treatments is required to minimise the possibility of scarring. There is a critical ablation density that is required to achieve this fading. The power of the laser should be adjusted to ensure that the penetration of the laser approximates the base of the naevus. The CO2 treatment alone will not remove the associated terminal hair. The hair can be removed with an appropriate laser or IPL system after the Naevus itself is faded. The parameters are still to be optimised to minimise treatments and any textural change. Approximately 30% of the naevus needs to be ablated per session. Healing is rapid and occurs within 5 to 7 days.