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Flagelate mushroom dermatitis: An uncommon emergency presentation

L. Abdel-Malek, P. Peters,, S. Tai, N. Berwick

Meeting: 2017 Dermcoll

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Flagellate dermatitis is an image that is well known to most Dermatologists and dermatology trainees from a text book but one that is rarely seen in clinical practice. The main reason it is well recognised is the distinctive, erythematous linear streaking of plaques and papulovesicles, in a distribution that would resemble the lashing of a whip. Flagellate dermatitis has been reported as a result of both administration of bleomycin and the consumption of raw or poor cooked Shiitake mushrooms. Due to the high consumption of this particular type of mushroom in Japan and China when compared to the Western world, the presentation of a Flagellate Mushroom is a rarely seen dermatosis particularly in Australian hospitals. We present the case of a 26 years old female who presented to the Emergency department of the day following consumption of Shiitake mushrooms who developed large, flagellate like eruption of the trunk that was mildly pruritic, in the classic textbook appearance of this rare dermatosis.