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Full thickness skin grafts for surgical defects of the nasal ala – A simple and versatile single stage reconstructive option: Our experience over 10 years

E. Tan , N.J. Mortimer, P.J.M. Salmon

Meeting: 2013 Dermcoll

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Session Title: Mohs Surgery Clinical Meeting

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Skin cancers of the nasal ala are commonly encountered in
Dermatologic surgical practice. The proximity to the free
margin, need to preserve the alar crease for optimal aesthetic
results and the thick, sebaceous nature of the nasal ala
present a challenge for the reconstructive surgeon. This
is compounded by the relative lack of adjacent tissue res-
ervoir. Various techniques have been described to recon-
struct surgical defects of the ala including melobial
transposition flaps, Island pedicle fl aps, spiral fl aps. Interpolated
melolabial fl aps provide an elegant reconstructive
option. Full thickness skin grafts have received little attention
in the reconstructive literature. The authors present
their experience with full thickness skin grafts for reconstruction
of partial thickness defects of the nasal ala in the
largest series to date. Techniques to optimise the outcome
are discussed including the utility of combined soft tissue
hinge flaps and cartilage grafts in conjunction with full
thickness skin grafts.