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Genetic skin diseases: Can you make a diagnosis?

J. McGrath

Meeting: 2016 Dermcoll

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Session Title: Registrars’ Teaching Session

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One of the important tasks for a dermatologist is to be able to make an accurate diagnosis. This clinical goal is partic- ularly challenging in patients with genetic skin diseases that are often rare and whose condition is perhaps only a vague memory from residency training and Fellowship exam revision. Recognising specific conditions has impor- tant implications for genetic counselling and in planning optimal management for affected individuals and families. Fortunately, over the last decade an increasing number of genodermatoses have become better understood, both clin- ically and in terms of their skin and molecular pathology. This presentation will show up to 50 examples of inherited skin diseases – illustrated in quiz format in blocks of 10 cases – as a means of evaluating the audience’s diagnostic skills. Challenging, indeed, but can you make a correct diagnosis?