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Giant malignant melanoma of the cheek: A colossal consequence of homeopathy

F. Xie , G.A. Casey , J. Richardson , R. Asher , R. Turner , P. Silva M. Potter

Meeting: 2014 Dermcoll

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We present the case of the largest head and neck malignant
melanoma reported to date in a patient who pursued alternative
medicinal treatments. A 77-year-old lady initially
presented to Dermatology ten years ago with a 6-year
history of a pigmented nodule on the left cheek. A clinical
diagnosis of malignant melanoma was made; however, the
patient refused excision and sought homeopathy treatment
instead. She subsequently represented to Dermatology as
the lesion, which had been slowly enlarging over the last 16
years, had now begun to obstruct her breathing and eyesight.
On examination there was a 180mm x 150mm x
60mm ulcerated, friable and pungent mass on the left
cheek. An incisional biopsy confirmed malignant melanoma
and radiological staging revealed no metastases to the head,
neck, chest, or pelvis. The patient underwent excision and
reconstruction with a free transverse rectus abdominis
musculocutaneous flap. Histopathology revealed an ulcerated
nodular malignant melanoma with a Breslow thickness
of 42mm. Three months post-operation she presented for
follow-up with local recurrence and distant pulmonary
metastases; she is currently undergoing palliative radiotherapy.
This case highlights the unfortunate colossal consequences
of pursuing homeopathy for the treatment of