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Management of severe psoriasis in pregnancy

I. Hamann1, D. Xie2

Meeting: 2021 Dermcoll

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Session Title: Medical Quandaries – The Answers You Need

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The treatment of severe psoriasis has been greatly enhanced by the emergence of biologic agents. Each year new agents are becoming available offering inhibition of different cytokine targets, improved efficacy and a wide range of choice. Unfortunately, there are limited data available on the safety of biologics in pregnancy and lacta- tion. Guidelines discuss potential toxicities but do not offer a clear pathway for treatment.

We will present a brief case study involving two recent pregnancies, their management and outcomes. The data available for all currently available systemic treatments for psoriasis in pregnancy will be presented.

We will also present the data on efficacy and safety for the TNF inhibitor, certolizumab, which has recently been approved by the TGA for chronic plaque psoriasis and has been used in rheumatology in Australia for a number of years.

We hope to stimulate discussion for development of new guidelines for treating severe psoriasis in pregnancy and lactation.


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