Abstract Number: 18

Medical sources of ACD to acrylates

G. Lyons , R. Nixon

Meeting: 2013 Dermcoll

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Session Title: Lasers Symposium

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Background: Acrylates have a broad range of commercial
applications and their use has continued to increase since their development in the 1930 s, as has the incidence of
acrylate-induced allergic contact dermatitis
. In the medical field, allergic contact dermatitis to acrylates has been reported with the use of orthopaedic cements, prostheses,
disposable diathermy pads and, rarely, ECG electrode dots . We present the fi rst reported case of allergic contact
dermatitis to methacrylates in ECG electrode dots, and
discuss other cases of acrylate-related contact dermatitis in
medical patients.