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multidisciplinary team approach? Can risk of recurrence of NMSC with perineural invasion be predicted?: A prospective analysis of the PNI registry

A. Adams1,2, D. Whiteman1,2, B. Panizza3, B. De’Ambrosis1

Meeting: 2018 Dermcoll

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The current management options for keratinocyte cancers (KC) with PNI include observation, surgery, radiation or a combination of these choices. The aim of this project was to analyse the PNI tumour registry, established by University of Queensland-Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) in Brisbane to describe treatment patterns and outcomes of patients diagnosed with KC associated with incidental PNI. To achieve this aim we performed follow up of patients with incidental PNI in KC from the PNI registry. In addition, the study includes data from PAH patients who developed clinical PNI following incidental PNI on primary KC histopathology.
In the PNI registry 191 patients with incidental PNI were available for 5+ years follow up. Out of 162 patients with BCC + incidental PNI, only 33.3% received adjunctive radiation and 82.8% of cSCC + incidental PNI, completed adjunctive radiation. In this cohort, no patients developed recurrence of the primary tumour. Furthermore, the analysis summarises the management and histopathological findings to demonstrate a treatment algorithm that may help reduce morbidity and mortality in patients with KC with incidental PNI.