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Naevus syndromes and uveal melanoma: Towards guidelines for screening

V. Snaidr , A.H. Chong , R.C.A. Symons

Meeting: 2014 Dermcoll

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Objective: This review examines the associations of
Naevus of Ota / Oculodermal melanosis (ODM), atypical
naevi and uveal melanoma. The aim is to establish guidelines
for appropriate ophthalmic and dermatological
Method: Review of literature.
Findings: Ocular melanomas are the second commonest
form of melanoma and account for 3.7% of melanomas.
The annual incidence of uveal melanoma in Australia is
8/million men and 6.1/million women, with lower rates in
non-Caucasian populations.
Nevus of Ota / ODM is associated with increased risk for
uveal melanoma with lifetime prevalence in white patients
with ODM being 1/400 compared to 1/13 000 of the general
ODM carries doubles the risk of uveal melanoma
metastasis. There are 13 reported cases of progression
to cutaneous melanoma within the area of ODM within
the skin. Patients with atypical naevus syndrome carry a
significantly increased risk for ocular melanoma OR 7.3
Discussion: All patients with Naevus of Ota/ODM have significantly
increased risk for the development of uveal melanoma
and should therefore have ophthalmological
screening and follow up. Those patients with uveal pigmentation
should be reviewed more regularly based on the
number of risk factors for progression.

All patients with uveal melanoma should have initial
dermatologic screening for cutaneous melanoma.Patients with multiple atypical naevi should be considered
for ophthalmic screening.