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Camouflage for Vitiligo: not just a cover-up

A. Mar1,2

Meeting: 2021 Dermcoll

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Session Title: The Pigment Disorder Symposium

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Camouflage is often considered by dermatologists to be a “fall back” option when medical therapy for vitiligo has been unsuccessful. However as a solution to the primary problem presented by vitiligo – that is a visible discrepancy in skin colour – camouflage should instead be considered as a treatment itself and discussed early on in the medical consultation.

The application of skin camouflage requires an under- standing of how normal skin is perceived and of the chal- lenges presented by colour matching, surface reflectance and the phenomenon of metamerism.

There is an increasing range of camouflage products avail- able, some developed specifically for medical conditions and others closer to standard cosmetics. It is important for dermatologists to be aware of these products, how they are used and their limitations.