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Occupational sun exposure and risk of melanoma according to anatomical site

K. Vuong , K. McGeechan , B.K. Armstrong , A.E. Cust

Meeting: 2013 Dermcoll

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Introduction: Previous studies have found null or inverse
associations between occupational sun exposure and mela-
noma risk. However there is some evidence that these asso-
ciations differ according to anatomical site, with melanoma
on the head and neck more related to continuous sun exposure
whereas melanoma on the trunk is more related to
intermittent sun exposure.
Methods: We examined the association between occupational sun exposure (self-reported weekday sun exposure) and melanoma risk according to anatomical site, using data from two multi-centre population-based case-control studies: the Australian Melanoma Family Study (588 cases, 472 controls) and the international Genes, Environment and Melanoma study (1079 cases, 2181 controls). Unconditional logistic regression was used to estimate odds ratios and their 95% confi dence intervals adjusting for potential confounders.
Results: We observed no association between occupational
sun exposure and melanoma risk overall or when stratifi ed
by anatomical site. Further analyses incorporating sun
exposure on weekends did not alter the fi ndings. No signifi cant
interactions were observed between occupational sun
exposure and site.
Conclusions: In these two population-based case-control
studies, occupational sun exposure was not associated
with melanoma risk. Additional studies on skin adaptive
responses to continued sun exposure and the role of vitamin
D may help explain the apparent absence of an association
of occupational sun exposure with risk of melanoma.