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Preadolescent acne: The argument for early intervention

A.C. Yan

Meeting: 2015 Dermcoll

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Session Title: Plenary Session 1

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The prevalence of preadolescent acne is increasing at a
time when the age of acne onset is decreasing. These
observations are in concert with the decreasing age of
puberty seen in children. Children with early acne are also
at greater risk for later more severe acne. Emerging evidence
suggests that the specific microbiome of patients
acne may influence the severity of acne that develops. Specifically,
it is an individual patient’s immunologic response
to resident propionibacteria that determines the degree of
inflammatory acne. It is therefore not unreasonable to conceive
that early intervention for acne in preadolescence
might alter the trajectory of acne severity in those so