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Reactive angioendotheliomatosis associated with cryoglobulinaemia in a marathon runner

A. Boyapati , A. Sheridan , S. Khan

Meeting: 2012 Dermcoll

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This poster displays a case of a 65 year old marathon runner
who presented with a twelve month history of symmetrical,
erythematous to violaceous plaques distributed over the
helices of the ears, the knees and the fl anks. The lesions
were painful, worse with cold weather, and progressed to
Punch biopsy revealed vascular endothelial hyperplasia and an appearance consistent with reactive angioendothelioma- tosis (RAE), a rare, benign disorder of the skin. Subsequent investigations resulted in the diagnosis of type I cryoglobulinaemia, a condition reported to be associated with RAE. The lesions resolved completely following treatment with thalidomide and lenalidomide. This report discusses the presentation, histopathology fi ndings, associations and treatment options for RAE, a rare but important condition.