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Recalcitrant and recurrent acne: New applications of photodynamic therapy treatments

W. Anseline

Meeting: 2012 Dermcoll

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Introduction: Recurrent and recalcitrant acne is a growing
challenge for patients, general practitioners and specialists
alike. Literature indicates multiple limitations and compli-
cations of conventional treatments, including growing anti-
biotic resistance and systemic issues related to long term
drug therapies.
Methods: With the advent of new technologies, acne PDT
has emerged as an effi cacious, quick onset of action and
safe treatment modality for moderate to severe acne. The
added benefi t of acne PDT is decreased antibiotic resistance
along with no systemic side effects.
Results: PDT acne is not an exact science and parameters
like pre treatment protocols, photosynthesisers, incubation
and illumination times, light source, patient selection, skin
types and pain control will all be discussed during the
Conclusions: Photodynamic therapy offers signifi cant
improvement for cystic and nodular presentation. PDT is likely to increase as part of the medical management of
acne. In terms of future research, results suggest that a
protocol based system is desirable to establish a benchmark
and ensure a quality standard of care. From a patient satisfaction
perspective, addressing pain with PDT is essential
for effective treatment and patient/ physician satisfaction.