Abstract Number: 11

Single-session combination treatment with intense pulsed light and fractional photothermolysis: A split face study

C. Kearney , D. Brew

Meeting: 2013 Dermcoll

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Date: -

Session Title: Lasers Symposium

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Background: Intense pulsed light (IPL) and fractional photothermolysis (FP) are effective nonablative treatments for photoaging.

Objective: To investigate the safety and effi cacy of administering these two treatments in the same session with the aim of maximizing results while maintaining safety and minimizing downtime. We sought to compare the effi cacy of the combination treatment with that of individual treatments of IPL and FP by conducting a split-face study.

Materials and methods: Twenty-nine subjects received a full-face standard-strength treatment with IPL immediately followed by treatment with 1550-nm FP. A further 14 patients underwent a split-face study comparing combined IPL and FP on one side of the face with these two treatments performed in isolation, 4 weeks apart, on the other side.

Results: The combination treatment achieved results statistically superior to treatment with IPL alone, FP alone, and treatment with IPL and FP performed 4 weeks apart. Downtime and adverse events were similar to those expected with individual treatments of IPL or FP alone.

Conclusion: Intense pulsed light and PF appear to be synergistic when performed together in a single session, and the combination treatment is associated with a good safety profi le and minimal downtime.