Abstract Number: 4

Sunscreens and sun protection: Beyond SPF

K.A. Greive

Meeting: 2013 Dermcoll

Session Information

2012 brought about the most signifi cant change is sun-
screen protection Australia has seen in 15 years. With
sunscreens now able to claim up to SPF 50 + , and having
to deliver UVA protection in proportion to the SPF, Australians
have access to the most protective sunscreens in the
After reviewing the changes to the SPF and UVA testing that
have come about with the new AS:NZS 2604 Sunscreen
Standard, we will look at some of the additional features
sunscreens offer to consumers and discover if they do in
fact make a difference, for example, does adding vitamins
to a sunscreen deliver additional benefi ts to the consumer,
can sunscreens be shown to protect from visible light and
can we compensate for poor consumer application.
As Australian ’ s continue to enjoy their sun-loving lifestyle,
it becomes increasingly important that we understand
exactly what they are getting in their bottle of sunscreen.