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Sunscreens: Optimising protection

K. Greive

Meeting: 2012 Dermcoll

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Ego Pharmaceuticals, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Sunscreen formulation has been described as both an art and a science. To optimise the protection delivered, actives must be dissolved and dispersed uniformly through a base that has been crafted to allow a consistent fi lm to form over the skin. Cosmetic acceptability can be a challenge for sunscreens; however is the fi nal key to consumer compliance. As our understanding of the damage caused by the sun increases every year, it has become increasingly obvious that we need to deliver the best quality sun protection to the consumer. The Australian sunscreen testing standard is being updated to allow product claims of up to SPF 50+, while a new test for UVA protection will ensure that balanced protection is delivered. As we continue to learn more about sunscreen technology and how to best deliver it for optimal health outcomes, sunscreens will continue to become increasingly elegant and protective.