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Superficial disease is harder to clear than infiltrative disease on the nasal tip and alar

P. Salmon, N. Mortimer, R. Hamedeh

Meeting: 2018 Dermcoll

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Session Title: Procedural Dermatology – Mohs Peer Review

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Infiltrative and sclerosing BCCs are intuitively thought to be harder to clear than superficial disease on the nasal tip and alar.
This was a single institution retrospective review of our Mohs surgery database over the previous 5 years.
There were 589 cases. Two fifths of cases were purely infiltrative, one-fifth of cases were purely superficial and the remainder were mixed superficial and another type. 76% of Tumours were of mixed subtype. Superficial disease present in the tumour was more likely to predict Mohs involving more than 2 stages (p = 0.05) than purely infiltrative disease.
Superficial BCC of the distal nose is the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” of facial skin cancers. It was significantly associated with multiple Mohs stages and more complex reconstruction.