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Surgical pearls: Facilitating wound closure in fragile skin and a burrow’s free A to T advancement flap

R. Cocciolone, R. Crouch,, D. Gill, S. Chandra Ballarat

Meeting: 2017 Dermcoll

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Session Title: Registrars and Fellows Update Session 2

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We present two surgical pearls to aid in the day to day practice of general surgical dermatology.

The first is a simple and effective method for closing surgical defects in thin fragile skin on the lower legs and dorsal hands. This technique utilises Opsite Flexifix to increase wound edge integrity and redistribute wound tension over a larger surface area, thereby reducing the likelihood of tearing and facilitating tighter closures. This approach offers several advantages over similar techniques.

The second pearl relates to a design modification of the classical A to T bilateral advancement flap. The addition of shallow, bilateral, ellipsoid incisions within the baseline cut generates wound margins of equal length, eliminating the need for further Burrow’s triangles. Limiting the need for Burrow’s triangles reduces scar length and increases the likelihood of confining the repair within the chosen cosmetic unit.