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Tele-Derm national: The spectrum of early childhood presentations

S. Andrews, L. Byrom, R. Foster, J. Muir

Meeting: 2016 Dermcoll

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Tele-Derm National, an initiative of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM), provides a rapid-access, online dermatology consultation service for doctors in Australia. Since 2004, the program has been providing fast-turnaround dermatological advice to doctors in rural and remote communities where there is limited access to specialist advice.

A recent review of the Tele-Derm National program found that approximately one third of referrals were for paedi- atric dermatoses.

We present a brief audit of the recent activity of the Tele- Derm National tele-dermatology service, with particular reference to requests regarding early childhood presenta- tions. We present a number of case-snapshots that high- light some of the more characteristic referrals to the service, as well as some unusual paediatric conditions encountered since the program began. This presentation provides insight into the particular early childhood derma- tological conditions that rural practitioners find challeng- ing. It presents an opportunity to target education towards these areas, boosting confidence and improving patient care. The process also facilitates early referral, if appropri- ate. This shows that Tele-Derm National is a useful of advice for isolated practitioners who need access to advice in an environment where specialist help is not readily available.