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Telederm National: a decade of teledermatology

L. Byrom, L. Lucas, V. Sheedy, K. Madison,G. Castrisos, C. Alfonzo, F. Chiu, J. Muir

Meeting: 2015 Dermcoll

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Session Title: Registrars’ Forum

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Introduction: Tele-Derm National is an initiative of the
Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine and has been providing online educational and consultational services
in dermatology to doctors Australia wide for over a
decade. The site provides specific patient advice on cases
submitted by treating doctors. Utilisation of this aspect of
Tele-Derm National has grown steadily with over 800 cases
submitted in the last 18 months alone. Additionally, TeleDerm
National provides a unique educational opportunity
for rural doctors, general practitioners, and medical
Methods: Retrospective case analysis was performed on a
random selection of submitted patient cases. The different
types of patient presentations and their reason for submission
for specialist opinion were analysed. The quality of
clinical information provided was also evaluated. Additionally,
the range of geographical locations and the characteristics
of those towns and cities were explored.
Results: There was approximately equal numbers of male
and female patients submitted with almost a third being
paediatric cases. Most cases were from the outpatient
setting and of patients with ‘rash’ or dermatitis (66%). The
average time from submission to Dermatologist reply was 51⁄2 hours. Clinical photos were provided in 83% of cases and
73% were assessed as good quality. Management advice
was provided in 77% of cases. Reference to the online casebased
learning modules was made in 21% of cases. Cases
were submitted from locations Australia-wide.
Conclusion: This study has identified the common dermatological
complaints presenting to rural primary care
doctors. The additional provision of professional development
opportunities included in Telederm is unique and is
used as an adjunct to advice provided to the rural doctors
seeking advice for patient management.