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The epidermolysis bullosa disease activity and scarringindex (EBDASI) mobile phone application

A.G. Harris , S. Jain , T. Murrell , D.F. Murrell

Meeting: 2015 Dermcoll

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The Epidermolysis Bullosa Disease Activity and Scarring
Index (EBDASI) mobile phone application is a disease severity scoring system specifically designed for the evaluation
of Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). The EBDASI mobile
phone application was adapted from the paper version, published
in 2014, which was shown to be reliable, valid and
The EBDASI was designed as an objective tool for
clinicians to aid in disease monitoring, to guide and evaluate
response to treatment and to communicate severity
between health care professionals.
By porting the paper version of the EBDASI to the mobile
phone platform, we aimed to increase its accessibility and
ease of use for clinicians and to additionally make it more
available to patients. For patients with EB, it is a way to
monitor their own health and to objectively quantify and
remotely communicate the severity of their condition with
their treating team. Having a touch-based user interface
improves the EBDASI’s utility as many patients with EB
have hand deformities.
Four updates to the EBDASI mobile phone application have
so far been released. Additions have included a graphical
representation of severity scores over time and the ability to
email scores to a designated email address once the EDBASI
has been completed.
It is an exciting future in dermatology with availability of
more and more digital and electronic aids. We hope the
EBDASI mobile phone application will be a valuable tool to
be utilized by patients with EB and health care professionals
around the world.