Abstract Number: 188

The prevalence of skin conditions and underlying risk factors in psychiatric inpatients

C. Zhao, L. Cain, J. Lee, S. Lee

Meeting: 2014 Dermcoll

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Introduction: Dermatological conditions appear more
prevalent amongst psychiatric patients. However, epidemiological
information for Australian psychiatric inpatients
is scarce.
Method: A survey with full skin check was conducted by
medical officers amongst 66 randomly selected inpatients at
three of Concord Mental Health Unit’s acute psychiatric
wards within a two-week period in October 2013. The
survey included questions on patient’s background health,
medications and their previous and current dermatological
history, followed by a full skin check.
Results: Out of the 66 patients invited to participate, 3
refused. There were 34.9% of total participants having a
current skin condition. Out of these 17.4% had not seen any
health professionals previously, and 54.5% were not concerned
about their skin condition. Factor analysis using
odds ratio reveals depression (OR = 4.05, CI 1.26–13.03),
antibiotics use (OR = 5.91, CI 1.35–25.93), anti-depressant
use (OR = 1.89, CI 0.63–5.65) and lithium use (OR = 6.32, CI
0.62–64.80) may be the most important underlying risk