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The QRME Tele-derm Project: Vertically integrated dermatology training

B. Carew , J. Muir , S. Kitchener, C. Palmer

Meeting: 2012 Dermcoll

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This poster will outline the QRME Tele-derm project. In 2010 QRME introduced specifi c training for GP registrars in the use of dermoscopy and particularly the three-point checklist. In 2011, QRME won grant funding to further expand the program integrating practice-based learning, employing teledermatology. With the support of an Education Innovation Project grant from the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing, General Practice Education and Training (GPET) dermatoscopes and digital cameras were purchased for teaching practices. These practices involve medical students, PGPPP doctors, GP registrars and supervisors. The teledermatology portal employed has been provided as part of the ACRRM Telederm service. Vertical integration of training is an education concept discussed in medical education literature 1 . This project repre- sents a vertically integrated educational program involving rural GP teaching practices, a Dermatology registrar and a Dermatology consultant.