Abstract Number: 39

Tips and tricks for advanced dermatologic procedures

N. Teh 4, N. Zubrzychi1, L. J. Leow1,2,3,4

Meeting: 2021 Dermcoll

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Date: -

Session Title: Surgical and Cosmetical Pearls

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This presentation reveals various tips, modifications and ideas originating from and also gained by a senior proce- dural dermatologist, from personal clinical experience at major dermatologic surgery institutions in Australia, the UK, Portugal and Singapore, to improve the treatment effi- ciency and/or efficacy of common dermatologic proce- dures. Topics include:
‐ reducing surgical defect size by subsequently increasing the overall defect size along natural skin lines
‐ overcoming standing cones by suture technique
‐ foam sclerotherapy without three-way taps or additional supplies
‐ ablative laser and intralesional bleomycin for viral verrucae
‐ more effective handling and administration of topical cantharadin
‐ novel indications for muscle relaxant and dermal filler injections
‐ improving cosmetic outcomes from injectables (including sclerosant)
‐ an express method for frozen section histologic tissue embedding in Mohs surgery