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Trichloroacetic acid paint for boxcar and polymorphic acne scars

Cong Sun, Davin Lim

Meeting: 2023 Dermcoll

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Session Title: Acne

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Background: Scarring is a common complication of acne vulgaris with a significant impact on the psychological well-being of patients. Focal application of high concentration trichloroacetic acid (TCA) has been proven efficacious in treating ice-pick scars, but the utility in other scar types is understudied.

Objective: The aim of this study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of 90% TCA in boxcar and polymorphic acne scars using a novel brush applicator.

Materials and Methods: Forty-one patients with acne scars were recruited for treatment of boxcar and polymorphic scar with 90% TCA applied with a cosmetic brush. Each patient received 3 treatment sessions spaced between 7 and 9 weeks apart.

Results: All participants had good to excellent outcomes as per Jacob and colleagues grading. Patients with skin Type 3–6 had more excellent outcomes (13 patient, 59%) than patients of skin type 1–2 (9 patients, 41%). Two participants (5%) had postprocedural complications. Five participants (14%) were on concomitant isotretinoin with no appreciable increase in reepithelialization time or rate of complications.

Conclusion: Focal 90% TCA with a cosmetic brush applicator is safe and effective in treating boxcar and polymorphic scars. The clinical outcome is good to excellent with low rates of complication. Fine paint brush is a new novel applicator for TCA CROSS technique which allows accurate application and minimize spillover over healthy skin.