Abstract Number: 184

Ustekinumab: A promising biologic therapy for hidradenitis suppurativa and chronic plaque psoriasis

C. Wong, A. Yazdabadi, C. Dolianitis, J. Nicolopoulos, G.A. Varigos

Meeting: 2014 Dermcoll

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Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a chronic inflammatory
disease characterized by follicular occlusion due to
follicular hyperkeratinsation. HS is a difficult condition to
treat because its pathogenesis is largely unknown. Experimental
and clinical studies have demonstrated the importance
of the immune system in the disease process. Thus, in
recent times, there has been an emerging role for immunosuppressive biologic therapy in the treatment of HS. We present a case of a 34 year-old female whose hidradenitis suppurativa and chronic plaque psoriasis was successfully treated with ustekinumab after failing three other biologic therapies including etanercept, adalimumab and infilixumab. This case also demonstrates a long remission period for hidradenitis suppurativa following ustekinumab therapy.