Abstract Number: 164

Vulvar lichen sclerosus and thyroid disease

S.L. Smithson, E.C. Veysey

Meeting: 2014 Dermcoll

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Introduction: Lichen Sclerosus (LS) is associated with a
higher prevalence of autoimmune diseases, in particular
thyroid disorders.The prevalence of abnormal thyroid
function amongst those with LS has been reported as being
12–30% compared to 3.8% in the general population and is
higher in women than men. This study investigates the
prevalence of thyroid disease amongst women with vulvar
LS attending a vulvar dermatology clinic at the Royal
Women’s Hospital, Melbourne and to our knowledge represents
the first such report in an Australian population.
Methods: The clinical records of all patients diagnosed
with LS attending the vulvar clinic between 2010 and 2013
were examined for thyroid function results, including
thyroid antibodies.
Results: A total of 399 female patients with LS were identified.
Thyroid function results were available in 14% of
patients. Thyroid antibodies were performed in 4%. 16% of
the thyroid function tests available were abnormal, and 18%
had positive thyroid antibodies.
Conclusion: The incidence of thyroid disease in this cohort
of LS sufferers is higher than the background incidence.
Thyroid disease is a chronic, multisystem disease, which
has a severe impact on clinical health. This study confirms
analysis of thyroid function is an important part of the management of LS in female patients.