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Weight based cost of biologics for psoriasis – Value for money versus PASI scores

L. Abdel-Malek1, C. Cox2, D. Mazzoni2, P. Peters3,4

Meeting: 2018 Dermcoll

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The development of biologic medications has changed the face of Dermatology practice in the past 15 years, however this comes at a significant cost to the public purse in Australia. Provision of biologics for psoriasis is provided under a subsidised scheme, however a full cost is still borne for this medication by the taxpayer. To extend the limited Medicare dollar further, biologics are provided for only severe psoriasis unresponsive to less expense therapy. In this study we conduct an evaluation into the cost of each item per year which will give the clinician further information into what the treatment does cost the PBS when deciding to commence a patient onto a biologic.