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Meeting : 2021 Dermcoll

Abstract Number: 102

The real world drug survival of biologic therapies in Australasian Psoriasis Registry patients

Abstract Number: 103

Safety and efficacy of tildrakizumab, a high-affinity anti–interleukin-23p19 monoclonal antibody, in patients with active psoriatic arthritis

Abstract Number: 104

Tildrakizumab efficacy on psoriasis in patients with psoriatic arthritis—an analysis from a phase 2 study

Abstract Number: 105

An interesting presentation of xanthogranuloma in an adult male

Abstract Number: 106

Secukinumab induced bowel disease: a case report and review of the literature

Abstract Number: 107

Not so easy on the eyes. A case report and review of the literature regarding eye disease in patients treated with dupilumab (Dupixent), a novel biologic agent targeting the IL-4Ra for moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis

Abstract Number: 108

It’s not always as good as gold. A case of contact allergy to gold alloy dental work in an adult male

Abstract Number: 109

Hitting the nail on the head: an update on nail disease in psoriasis and review of evidence for the use of biologic agents for its treatment

Abstract Number: 110

Is coconut driving our patients nuts? An audit of patch test results for coconut and it’s derivatives in an outpatient clinic population, and a review of the literature

Abstract Number: 111

What’s new in alopecia areata? An update on current management options and clinical trials

Abstract Number: 112

Responsiveness of recalcitrant HPV induced lichen simplex chronicus plaques to marigold therapy

Abstract Number: 114

Unusual localised facial pruritus: a case series of three siblings